Our Team

Dr Karlo Taliana

Dr Karlo Taliana has lived within the local community since joining the practice in 1992. He received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1990 from the University of Sydney before joining Chester Hill Dental soon after. In 1994, he became Principal Dentist of the practice and, in more recent years, has enjoyed the opportunity of providing mentorship to younger dentists within general practice. He has always provided a caring, ethical and more conservative approach towards patient care.

He maintains the same philosophy – any advice given on treatment options are made in your best interests. Over the years, he has consistently been able to make his patients feel at ease while attending to their dental needs. He takes the time to listen to your dental concerns. If you are anxious about receiving treatment, he’ll take the extra time necessary to ensure you are comfortable before we proceed with treatment.

Dr Taliana regularly keeps up to date with the latest dental knowledge, techniques and materials, ensuring the best possible service for his patients. He has over 25 years of experience in diagnosing and managing all types of oral conditions.

Outside dentistry, he is passionate about Australian native gardening, landscaping, bushwalking and nature photography. He also enjoys all sports – both as a spectator and competitor. Whether it’s work or leisure, Dr Taliana takes pride in all that he becomes involved in.

Dr Shannon Burke

Shannon believes a trip to the dentist should be fun and informative.

She likes to make sure her patients are relaxed and spends time talking through issues and treatments. With a big emphasis on education and prevention, ensuring patients are on the right track to healthy happy teeth.

Her kind gentle nature makes her especially good at treating anxious patients and nervous kiddies.

She is extremely knowledgeable with not only a degree in dentistry but also a degree in radiography. Shannon keeps up to date with modern techniques and practices making sure each trip to the dentist is as painless and pleasant as possible.

If dentistry isn’t keeping Shannon busy, her 3 kids and dog certainly keep her hands full.

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