Preventative Dentistry

Regular Recall Visits – On the completion of all treatment plans, we provide a regular system of recall letters for our patients to ensure your oral health is maintained at the highest level. If required, quite often teeth cleaning, fluoride application and oral hygiene instruction will be provided at your recall visit.

At some of your recall visits, it is recommended that intraoral screening radiographs are taken to assist in the early detection of decay beneath fillings and between teeth. We also have facilities allowing us to take larger jaw x-rays (OPG) – this is particularly useful in determining possible wisdom teeth impaction and for both pre-orthodontic or periodontal assessments. Our digital imaging system, universal throughout the practice, provides rapid results for our patients as well as ensuring an 80% reduction in x-ray exposure compared to normal x-rays. The frequency of x-rays will depend on your sugar intake, the standard of your oral hygiene and how regularly you attend the dentist.

For patients suffering from ‘gum disease’, a periodontal maintenance programme will be provided at your recall visits. In some cases, advanced levels of gum disease may require referral to a gum specialist.

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Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Are you looking for a more comfortable alternative to CPAP (mask therapy)? Do you or your partner snore? If so, snoring may be an indicator of a serious underlying condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Those with untreated OSA can suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness which can hinder them during work and socially.

Over the past two decades, Dr Taliana has successfully treated dozens of patients by providing them with a SomnoMed MAS, a dental device resembling a custom-fitted mouthguard. His experience and special training has allowed him to effectively treat both snoring and OSA. Simple snoring can usually be treated with SomnoMed MAS in two short visits. In cases where OSA is suspected, we will recommend further medical evaluation prior to the provision of such an appliance. If you would like to stop snoring, contact us or SomnoMed at

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether your teeth are discoloured, chipped, poorly shaped or uneven, there are many modern techniques available through cosmetic dentistry that will improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance your smile.

Before commencing any of the following treatment options, it is preferable to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Direct composite resin bonding can eliminate blemishes or irregularities within teeth. Bonding can also improve the appearance of slightly misaligned teeth, or even fill in gaps between them. Porcelain veneers, in comparison to crowns, provide a more conservative way of improving your smile, and yet, they are a stronger and more durable alternative to direct bonding.

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False Teeth & Mouth Guards

False Teeth (Dentures) are readily provided for those who are unable to replace teeth with fixed options. It is essential that those teeth still remaining are in a healthy state prior to the provision of any such appliance.

If your existing false teeth are heavily worn, unstable or painful to wear, it is likely new dentures will be necessary. If the false teeth are not heavily worn yet still unstable, a denture reline may serve as a cheaper alternative. Partial dentures may be either made from acrylic or metal-based materials. Despite being a little more expensive, the metal-based dentures are stronger, less bulky, more precisely-fitting and more hygienic for the gums and teeth.

Mouthguards are available in three grades – light, medium and heavy duty – depending on the contact sport played and the age of the individual. You may choose any combination of your team colours. Your name is also imprinted on the mouthguard just in case it is accidentally misplaced in the dressing room!

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Children's Dentistry

When treating our younger patients, we aim to keep the procedures ‘short and simple’. At their very first visit, familiarisation of your child with our friendly staff and dental equipment is essential before any treatment is commenced.

In the majority of cases, treatment of the ‘baby teeth’ is performed within our clinic when we know the patient is adequately relaxed. Under some circumstances, when patient management becomes more challenging, a referral to a Pediatric dentist may be necessary. Some children/teenagers develop deep grooves or pits on the permanent molar teeth, which may constantly trap food, and as a result, have a high risk of developing decay. In such cases, the placement of protective coatings (more commonly known as fissure sealants) will ensure that the development of decay is minimised. This procedure is non-invasive requiring no drilling or injections.

All young patients at our practice are assessed at their check-up appointments for the possibility of teeth crowding and abnormal bite relationships. If any concern arises over such problems, referral of the patient for orthodontic consultation may be necessary later.

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Jaw & Bite Problems

If you suffer from tooth wear, jaw muscle/jaw joint fatigue and headaches, it is quite possible you may be grinding your teeth during sleep.

Quite often your partner or another family member may hear this grinding during your sleep. If the problem is habitual and long-term, the best management is Occlusal Splint Therapy. An occlusal splint is a simple bite guard that is custom made to prevent tooth wear and protect the jaw muscles/joint against the forces of nocturnal grinding.

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