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Chester Hill Dental

Chester Hill Dental has been serving the local community since 1952, with Dr Karlo Taliana joining the practice in 1992.

We now have full disabled/wheelchair access and parking available to all patients. In this relaxed setting, we will continue to maintain the highest standards of dental treatment for our patients. We feel we are in the best position to provide the best dental care to all members within Chester Hill and the broader community.

With over 25 years of experience, Dr Taliana has made a habit of converting the most anxious dental patients into those who feel confident in attending to those niggling or embarrassing problems that have been put off for years. After taking the time to listen to your needs, Dr Taliana and his associates place a strong emphasis on patient education and preventative dentistry and we promote a regular check-up recall system to prevent the return of any such problems.

If you are looking to improve your smile or are experiencing tooth sensitivity, feel comfortable in contacting our experienced, friendly staff to make an appointment.

All patients eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme will be bulk billed. We also accept Veteran Affairs patients and those with NSW Health vouchers.

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